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3 goals for Kris Dunn this Season

Point guard Kris Dunn is entering his second season with the Chicago Bulls. Here are three goals for Dunn this season.

It’s clear that the Chicago Bulls won the Jimmy Butler trade.

With Butler wanting to be traded from Minnesota, the Bulls can now focus on their expectations for their guys. Zach LaVine was the main asset they acquired from the trade.

After coming back from an ACL injury last season, LaVine has a chance to show what he can do with a healthy offseason under his belt.

With LaVine proving his value, and Lauri Markkanen out for awhile, Kris Dunn has an opportunity to prove his value as the future point guard of this team.

Dunn needs to have three goals for this season. The first is to be the leader of this team. The second goal is that he needs to continue to improve his perimeter shooting. His third and final goal is to stay healthy.

1.  Be a leader 

Kris Dunn needs to become one of the leaders on the team. With not many valuable defensive players on the Bulls, Dunn is the best defensive starter. With Dunn at the point of attack on the defense, it can create easy transition opportunities for the Bulls.

2. Continue to improve on the perimeter shooting

Kris Dunn has averaged 30.9% from behind the arc during his career with both Minnesota and Chicago. During his college career he shot 35.4%. Obviously both college and professional are different, but with an offense that relies heavily on transition basketball and three pointers, Dunn needs to step up.

3. Stay Healthy

You saw the Bulls last year play extremely well when Kris Dunn was on the court. Everyone played better and it was much more fun to watch. However, injuries sidelined Dunn several times last season including several chipped teeth and a toe injury as well.

The Bulls have already been hit with the injury bug with Markkanen. They cannot afford to lose another key contributor in Kris Dunn, especially if they want to compete and win games this year.

It’s still a rebuilding team, but progress needs to be made. Staying healthy needs to be one of the goals for Kris Dunn.

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